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T.A.T Me Up UK offers Unique Social Entertainment for Parties & Events covering all areas in London - North, East, South and West (within the M25) and Essex. 

Specialising in Temporary Airbrush Tattoos, Glitter Tattoos, Hair Tattoos, Hair Braiding & Tinselling for Corporate Events, Private Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Festivals, Fairs, Fetes, Children’s Parties, Adult Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, College/University End Of Year Parties, Christmas Parties, Night Clubs, Product Launches, and basically anything with a crowd.

Whether it's Temporary Tattoo Style Inks, Glitters, Swarovski Crystal Accents or Glow in the Dark Paints; We have just about all you need to personalise and professionalise your Event. 

Airbrush Tattoo Artist London - Kandi Rox Providing Body Art at Barmitzvah 

One to One Service 

Based in London, We are a Mobile (Travelling) Company and are available for a One to One walk in service at the following venues... 

*Please contact Kandi Rox for more details. 

Using only professional transfer techniques, we have a huge range of authentic looking Designs to choose from including Fairies, Dragons, Tribal, Stars, Hearts, Celebrity designs and more.

Private Parties 

Airbrush Ink & Glitter Tattoos are definitely a ‘BIG’ hit in the UK and we would like to share this fantastic service with YOU, mainly because Temporary Airbrush Tattoos & Glitter Tattoos are a fun and safe way to entertain your guests. Children from the age of 2 years old, teenagers and adults can enjoy the excitement of wearing our custom body art, your guests will love the fun party that you planned for them and you will love the fact that you found an easy and unique way to make your event truly memorable. For More Information on Hiring a Temporary Airbrush Artist for your Private Party, Please see the Private Parties or Children’s Parties Page.

Other Services

T.A.T ME UP UK can provide Distinctive Social Entertainment with over 500 tattoo designs that appeal to children, teens and adults alike. Everyone has heaps of fun getting their T.A.T’s done and displaying their personal expressions of Body Art. We have a wide range of pre-cut stencil designs and can custom design your idea or create your Company Logo for your event! Whether you are looking to take your promotional event to the next level or bridge the gap in entertainment, airbrush body art is safe, temporary, painless, fun and exciting for everyone.

Airbrush Tattoos have really been a great success at Parties and Events., so If you are racking your brain attempting to come up with new ways to promote your Corporate Event, Night-Club, Trade event, Sporting Event, Grand-Opening, Fundraiser, City Event, University, College, School Event or your Special day and want to provide excitement for your guests, then look no further. This is where we come in... T.A.T ME UP UK are here to help by giving your party goers a day/night to remember. So not only will they have a blast flaunting their new 'ink' but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you're getting ‘Value for money’ as your guests will still be talking about your Party or Event for days after it's over. Contact us now for a Free Quote or For More Information on Hiring a Temporary Airbrush Artist for your Event, Please see the Events, Promotions or Corporate Event Page.              


So... what is a Temporary Tattoo? 

AIRBRUSH TATTOO - The Safe Alternative to Henna

Airbrush Tattoo's are a form of Body Art. Using 100% Safe 100% Non Toxic Special Body Inks,a drawing is applied to the surface of the skin. The application of the Ink is sprayed onto the skin via an airbrush and a Finishing powder is applied. There... Your all done - good to go!



Glitter is applied to the skin with cosmetic body glue and a stencil. Once the stencil is on, the cosmetic body glue is applied to the stencil, it is then left to part dry and the glitter is then applied by hand.



"Getting an airbrushed tattoo brings out the bold, the daring, and the fun in all of us".

Safety & Hygiene always comes first. The skin is always cleaned with wiping alcohol and gloves are worn by the artist from start to finish. Stencils are also cleaned with 99% surgical alcohol after use.

Our Tattoo inks & glitters are Cosmetic Grade using only FDA / EU Approved Standard Ingredients which means that they are certified as safe for use on your skin.


Airbrush Tattoos – Waterproof and can last from 3 - 5 days and sometimes up to 7 or more days (with proper care) and can be removed immediately at any time with baby oil or surgical alcohol.

Glitter Tattoos – Waterproof and can last approximately 3 - 4 days (with proper care) and can be removed immediately at any time with surgical alcohol.

Airbrush Face Painting – Not Waterproof and can be washed off immediately at any time with soap and water.

*After you have had your tattoo, you will be given an aftercare card (Do’s & Don’ts) which tell you how to care for your Tattoo so it lasts as long as possible.*


For more in-depth information on any of the above mentioned, Please see our What is an Airbrush Tattoo? , What is a Glitter Tattoo? , Airbrush Face Painting, Safety & Hygiene and FAQ Pages.


Black Tribal Arm Band Stencil