About Kandi Rox UK

about-kandi-roxKandi Rox aka ‘Baked Barbie’

A self-taught Airbrush Tattoo Artist & Nail Artist.

Kandi has always had a Keen interest in art and design including Body Art, but never thought that she was a good enough drawer (traditional artist), which often caused limitinations in her confidence and creativity when it came to executing what was in her head onto paper. But through her 11 years of experience in having an online retail business, having to edit photos etc on a daily basis and designing banners etc for her website through sketching ideas and website mock ups before visually creating her ideas through computer software programmes, Kandi quickly realised that she quite enjoyed the purpose of Graphic Design using Photoshop and Illustrator, So she went on to study Art & Design and Graphic Design; And started creating flyers and business cards for small businesses. Although Kandi can whip up a mean flyer and cool business cards for her clients, she found that side of Graphic Design Boring. However the Art and Design side appealed to her more; And the fact that she enjoys nail art and creating various nail designs using different tools on her own nails and on friends and family lead her to the purchase of her first Airbrush Gun and a cheap compressor. The 1st time Kandi ever laid her hand on an airbrush she took to it like a duck to water. She was completely fascinated with it and never thought that she had a passion for anything up until then and knowing that her little tool (Airbrush Gun) could be used for so much different things she started to experiment with it.

Kandi stumbled upon the idea of Airbrush Tattooing Body Art when searching for ways to make her own personalised Temporary Transfer tattoos and being an Airbrush owner already, she thought it was a great idea. In no time at all she quickly did some research on how safe this method was on the skin etc, purchased ‘Skin Safe’ Body Art Airbrush Ink and started practicing T.A.T’s on her Son Kye (5 years old at the time/now 12), his friends, herself, family and friends. This was also perfect for mum who is allergic to henna dye and is afraid to get a real tattoo. Word spread like wild fire, the feedback was phenomenal and Kandi found herself in school fete’s, fund raising events, local markets, private parties etc. (Kandi's design skills also came in handy when designing her own tattoo stencils for different themes and occassions). Kandi always kept this as a hobby as being a single mum of 2 boys, and trying to run an online retail business among other things, it seemed a bit much to take on more things on a business level. It wasn’t until she saw that her Online Retail Business was Struggling and found herself engaging in more Airbrush Tattooing that she realised that it was time for a change and as much as she loved Buying and Selling, It was doing more harm than good and in early 2011 T.A.T Me Up UK was born and Kandi has not looked back since.

"Choose a Job you Love, and you will never have to work a day in your Life" - Confucius

Kandi Rox also enjoys many different artie fartie things like making miniature models (e.g her barbie themed make-up store) - Yes she is quite a young at heart girlie girl who loves make-up and absolutely adores barbie *wink

Here it is:

Inspiration - (The Real Store) Back in 2007 when Mac Make-up joined forces with Barbie and gave us the: "Barbie Loves Mac Make-up" Collection.


The BeginningFinished Miniature Model by Kandi Rox


Inside Barbie Loves Mac Make-up Store Miniature Model by Kandi RoxThe Loft - Miniature Model by Kandi Rox

Ok, thats enough about Kandi and her artie fartie stuff for now!!! 

If you would like more information about any of the services that T.A.T Me Up UK can provide, please feel free to contact Kandi on: 07463 310 029 for a Friendly Chat on how she can bring great Fun and Entertainment to your Party or Event. T.A.T Me Up UK Guarantee that your party or event will be ‘The Talk of The Town’ for days - even weeks after your event.

Looking forward to speaking to you x x x

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