Having a party?

Children’s Birthday Party, Office Party, Girls Night In, Graduation Party, Anything Party?

Looking for a party that’s 100% full on fun?

If you’ve answered Yes to the above, then you need to Hire T.A.T Me Up to do what we do best.

Why should I Choose T.A.T Me Up for my party or event?

Our commitment to Customer Service makes us the #1 choice for fun in London. Our experienced artists are here to add some excitement to your special occasion. We interact well in all settings and with all ages and produce the maximum number of designs per hour while maintaining beautiful body art.

With any Event or Party that you Host or Attend, we’re sure that you want to have some type of entertainment for your guest to enjoy. With that in mind, T.A.T Me Up offers just that (a fun and unique way to impress your guests). Imagine your guests leaving your party with a real looking tattoo!!

We are here to provide a Service that will allow your guests to express themselves while having fun. People of ALL ages will find enjoyment in picking out designs that best fits them. Best of all your guests will have something to take home with them. So before you think about doing the same thing you do every year for your party or event,  give us a call for something new and exciting that will bring the fun back to your special occasion in a unique way. We aim to please everyone!

* And Remember. Our Temporary Tattoos are: Quick to Apply, Easy to Remove, Safe and Non-Toxic*

Add this facet to your next party and leave your mark... Don’t Delay Book Today!  

18th Birthday / 21st Birthday / Adult Birthday / Hen Night /Etc

Why not try something different to mark that major occasion.

18th Birthday

An 18th birthday is an important event in everyone's life. It marks one's entry into adulthood. This becomes a stage that brings freedom as well as more responsibilities to shoulder. It is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. So why not celebrate that special day with something complementary to mark this occasion. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos is a very popular form of entertaining art, and will fit in very well because it's appeal is not just for kids but they are great
fun for teens and adults too.

21st Birthday

Each birthday signifies significant meaning and life standing. As a person turns 21 it means that he/she is now a complete adult. Hence it is celebrated with cheer and fun with family and friends. This is the perfect opportunity introduce to the HOTTEST trend in the Entertainment Industry to your guests. Have a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Artist help you celebrate your welcoming into complete adulthood in style. We can turn your party or event into what everyone will be talking about. Airbrush body art is fun and entertaining for everyone. Just leave it to us to provide you and your event with a professional service that will impress your entire guests.

Hen/Stag Night

Want to have your guests leave with a reminder of your party? (Probably the only thing they will remember).

Then why not book the T.A.T Me Up Team to come and give you an your guests a perfect evening to celebrate your ‘Last Night of Freedom’. Let us add some real fun and excitement to your special occasion. Time to spice it up a notch. Book your T.A.T Artist Today! This will also ensure that you and your close guests have their Tats ready for your special day ahead.

Endless Possibilities

We don’t just cater for the above mentioned... we have only listed a few to give you an idea. You can also hire us for your Big Five O (50th Birthday Party), Anniversaries and just about anything; the list is endless.

*And Remember. Our Temporary Tattoos are: Quick to Apply, Easy to Remove, Safe and Non-Toxic*

Call: 08451162096 for more information or send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ Page