Caring for my Temporary Tattoo


The longevity of your Temporary Tattoo depends clearly on how it is cared for. Here are a few simple instructions to follow in order to maximize the duration of your Airbrush Tattoo.

Pat Dry: After Bathing or Swimming

Powder: After Bathing or throughout the day (if you can)

Avoid: Direct contact with Oils, Lotion and Soap

To Remove: Apply rubbing/surgical alcohol or baby oil


  • Do NOT use sun cream on tattoo
  • Do NOT apply creams or lotions
  • Do NOT rub with a towel
  • Do NOT rub tattoo when wet


You may find that although you have followed these simple instructions correctly, your Temporary Tattoo still hasn’t lasted as long as you wanted it to.

The following factors will also have to be taken into consideration:

1./ The position of the tattoo.

Because we humans perspire and constantly shed skin, the Temporary Tattoo will have a limited life span. The more you perspire, the shorter its life. There are also particular parts of the body your tattoo will not last very long on. Usually your middle torso area, because that is where your body generates the most heat, and what we like to call your sweat spots (Under arms, inside elbows, backs of knees, neck, palms and soles of your feet).

2./ The type of skin you have.

If you have very oily skin, a Temporary Tattoo will tend to not last as long as it would on a person with dryer skin. For obvious reasons, body oils will come through the skin under the Tattoo, therefore ruining the adhesion properties of the paint.

3./ Personal hygiene and after care.

Scrubbing your tattoo will not help it last!! (Believe it or not some people still expect to be able to scrub at it and still have it there!)
Good after care can result in your Temporary Tattoo lasting longer than its expected lifespan. So keeping it dry and sprinkling baby powder or talcum powder into it often, will definitely help.


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