PROMOTIONS - We do just that and we do it well.

T.A.T Me Up provide a White Label Service for Advertisers that want to incorporate Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Promotions into their Brand Activation, Sponsorship Leveraging or Social Marketing Campaigns.

So why use Airbrush Tattoos?

  1. Simply, Because Airbrush tattoos are Fun, Engaging and have an integrated communication approach.
  2. People enjoy them and they create a Positive Brand Experience.
  3. They are embraced by a range of ages, including the elusive 18 to 24 year old market.
  4. The tattoos have amazing cut-through in cluttered media space. Plus the tattoo is constantly noticed, creating an association between the brand and the event that lasts for years.
  5. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are safe and non confrontational so people can actively choose whether or not they want to become involved in the promotion.
  6. The Tattoos are waterproof but can easily be removed with baby oil. This ensures that anybody sporting a tattoo wants to have it and will therefore respond favourably towards your brand if queried.
  7.  But Most Importantly…
  8. Up to 70% of people will post a photo of their Tattoo on a Social Media site. This creates genuine peer to peer endorsement of your brand and increases the reach by hundreds.
  9. And if you incorporate a Facebook competition you can encourage customers to post their photo on your ‘Brand’ page and greatly increase the EdgeRank ratings of your future posts.



Ideal for Activations such as Product Launches, Trade Shows, Media Events and Launch Parties.

This will include all equipment needed such as materials and signage to display designs and inform people of the service and you choose the tattoo designs.

Artists are fixed at an activation site and do not roam.

Contact us to book your T.A.T Me Up Artists for your Promotional Event and discuss your custom designs.


This service has been created to specifically abolish queue line-ups at Large Public Events such as Music Festivals.

This is where the Artists will wear all the required equipment and can easily integrate into the crowd as required.

Includes all equipment and materials and up to 5 Custom Promotional Designs.

Each artist can apply approximately 40 -50 Tattoos per hour per artist.

Contact us to book your T.A.T Me Up Artists for your Promotional Event and discuss your custom designs.



Q: Why should I hire T.A.T Me Up for my Promotional Event?


  1. T.A.T Me Up Understands how important it is for your Event/Promotion to be successful.
  2. We offer an Industry Standard Professional Level of Service along with trend setting Products Positioning Our Company as an ideal partner for other Companies involved in the fast Growing Entertainment Industry.
  3. Our system is designed to entertain while having a lot of fun. We score big in both of these categories. Our commitment is to bring quality entertainment, excitement and a  unique and innovative experience to your events. T.A.T Me Up Temporary Airbrush Tattoos was designed to be safe and fun filling for everyone regardless of age.
  4. Our Premium Cosmetic Body Paints Are Made of FDA Approved  Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Safe  Ingredients which comply with the EU Standards and our Airbrush Tattoo’s Can Last For Days or Be Instantly Removed.
  5. Our Friendly Professional Artists Provide an Atmosphere within your establishment where everyone can experience excitement without long term consequences!
  1. *Our Temporary Tattoos are:  Quick to Apply, Easy to Remove, Safe and Non-Toxic*

Make an impression and have your guests still talking about Your Brand for day after it's over.

We hold Public Liability Insurance up to £5 Million and have been Officially ‘Enhanced CRB Checked’. (Certificates are available on request).

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