Temporary Airbrush Tattoo (T.A.T)

What is a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo (T.A.T)

Airbrush Tattoos ARE the king of the Temporary Tattoo world. They are applied with an airbrush onto the surface of the skin with paint/ink that is especially formulated to be applied to the body. Not to be confused with Henna tattoos, Airbrush Tattoos are a PAINT/INK that sits on top of the skin, not a dye. They were first developed by movie makers and makeup artists, wanting longer lasting, realistic looking temporary tattoos for their actors to wear. They were just perfect for this as the actor could go home at the end of the day, shower, and come back the next day with their tattoos looking exactly like they did the day before. Therefore saving valuable time on makeup and ensuring the tattoo looked precisely the same for the next shoot.

How long do they usually last for?

An Airbrush Tattoo, will generally last for between 5 and 7 days. The longevity of an Airbrush Tattoo depends on 3 different criteria.

1./ The position of the tattoo.

Because we humans perspire and constantly shed skin, an Airbrush Tattoo will have a limited life span. The more you perspire, the shorter its life. There are also particular parts of the body your tattoo will not last very long on. Usually your middle torso area, because that is where your body generates the most heat, and what we like to call your sweat spots (Under arms, inside elbows, backs of knees, neck, palms and soles of your feet).

2./ The type of skin a person has.

If a person has very oily skin, an Airbrush Tattoo will tend to not last as long as it would on a person with dryer skin. For obvious reasons, body oils will come through the skin under the paint/ink, therefore ruining the adhesion properties of the paint.

3./ Personal hygiene and after care.

Scrubbing your tattoo will not help it last!! (Believe it or not some people still expect to be able to scrub at it and still have it there!)
Good after care can result in an Airbrush Tattoo lasting longer than it's expected lifespan. For example, keeping it dry and massaging baby powder or talcum powder into it often, will help it to last longer.

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